Frequently Asked Questions

We appreciate your interest in Explority. Here is a little more about our company and its research profile.
What are Your Company’s Key Directions of Research?

Explority was founded to provide in-depth analysis of Information Technology markets, technology vendors and their solutions. As a result of our analytical work, we produce independent vendor rankings along with our executive commentary for C-level tech buyers.

Our primary focus of research is tech companies rendering products, solutions and services to tech buyers from all market segments. This means, our research publications and rankings can be of use to any enterprise interested in buying or investing in a technology.

Our research methodology is the product of our meticulous approach to market data analysis. It includes a complex set of vendor rating criteria, among them:

  • Market presence: market share, years in business, client base, etc.
  • Industry awareness: ability to offer services/products corresponding to clients’ demands and challenges
  • Vertical diversification: the scope and diversity of client verticals served
  • Offering: the quality, strengths and relevance of respective offerings under study
  • Talent pool: the relative expertise and maturity of teams
  • Track record: public acknowledgments, ratings, etc.
  • Portfolio: the strength of past projects in respective domains under study
  • Customer experience: the level of customer satisfaction based on testimonials and public reviews

When assessing these criteria, we rely on openly available online and offline sources that are complemented with our analysts’ ongoing research of the state of the IT market in general.

No, we are not affiliated with any vendor, platform, or tool mentioned in our research. Our rankings represent an independent perspective and are based on our analysts’ own evaluation with no vendor endorsement possible.

Explority is an independent research and advisory company, so no advertising or endorsement is accepted.

The only way to ensure your company is included is to satisfy the research criteria described above. Since our analysts only use publicly available data, you want to make sure your online presence, media coverage, customer reviews and overall communication policy fully represent your company’s strengths and achievements.

We aim at conducting thorough qualitative research, so our average output is no more than 20 publications a year.

Most of our research is published for free on our website as well as through major PR distribution platforms and media outlets. Some portion of it, however, is only made available on a paid basis.