About Explority

We research so that you can make executive-level decisions in tech.

Explority is a research and advisory company that zeros in on the Information Technologies market. Our goal is to equip key decision-makers at enterprises across all market segments with the insights about the leading technology vendors and solutions offered. This way, we aim to facilitate tech buying and investment decisions and foster collaboration between tech market players.

Organization Profile

Facts & Figures

Founded in 2015

Headquarters – Denver, USA

CEO – Richard Smith

Total Staff – 42

Team of 35 analysts

Publications – 50 new titles/year

Trends studied in 30 countries

We Have a Mission

Explority represents the voice of the global tech industry through our independent research and rankings. In our work, we strive to provide deep market analysis and our professional commentary on innovations, trends, and challenges.

Market Research

The tech market keeps evolving, with more challenges and disruptions emerging daily. We offer our expert analysis to help executives maintain their rigorous understanding of the new technologies and solutions. 

Peer Benchmarking & Advisory

We assess and benchmark technology services companies against each other to produce competitive rankings of the top tech vendors across domains. This proves to be a critical tool for C-level tech buyers and investors.

We Cater to Your C-Suite

In every new study we undertake, we look closely at the key parameters prioritized by professionals in executive roles. This makes our research particularly valuable for the executive community that advocates healthy and efficient digital transformation at their enterprises.







We Apply Precision and Focus

Back in 2015, we decided to narrow down on one of the most urgent and capital-intensive industries today – information technologies. This focus helps us retain the depth and awareness necessary to deliver sought-after information that falls within the following domains:

Digital transformation strategy and consulting

Artificial intelligence & machine learning

Blockchain consulting and development

Internet of Things

Cloud computing

Enterprise mobility

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Business Intelligence

Custom software development as a service

Vendors by technologies used



We Follow Original Methodology

Our expert analysts have developed their original research methodology and guidelines. This matrix of rating criteria and analytic parameters includes each reviewed vendor’s market presence, industry acknowledgement, diversity of portfolio, and customer experience, among others. We study data from open sources coupled with our insider look at the tech landscape to weigh in on the vendors’ positioning in it. 

We at Explority place a great importance on how relevant our services are to the executives across the world. Recognizing our responsibility in shaping business leaders’ perspectives, we are dedicated to keep our research the best in its class at all times.

David Field

CMO, Explority

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